ANNOUNCEMENT: 4 November 2018

The MySamford Information Portal has not been maintained since January 2018, mainly due to lack of time and money to provide this free resource and because there are now  other local community online directories available that are better maintained. Consequently, the current content is likely to be out of date, however I am leaving it here in case it is of interest to someone!


The Samford Valley Weather Station local weather site is continuing to be maintained and updated. If you want to donate to keep the Weather site running, please visit the weather page and click Donate!


Thank you for your support over the past 20 or so years!


Steve Parry

Webmaster, MySamford Information Portal

MySamford Information Portal
aims to provide an easily accessible source of information and support to visitors, the local community, and local businesses in and around Samford.


Samford is located about 22km North West of Brisbane in Queensland Australia. Surrounding areas include Samford Village, Samford Valley, Highvale, Wights Mountain, Camp Mountain, Mt Glorious, Mt Nebo, Yugar, Draper, Closeburn, Cedar Creek, Mt Samson, Samsonvale, Clear Mountain, Eatons Hill, and Bunya.


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MySamford Information Portal aims to provide a simple, fast way for anyone to find out about resources of all kinds in and around Samford. It includes the domains,, and , so people can usually find us using intuitive web addressing!

What else does MySamford Offer you?
The MySamford Information Portal offers business, clubs and organisations a FREE web page. Just send your images, contact details and descriptions to and Steve will be delighted to set it up for you.


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